The Who Cares Project

A work in progress, this online magazine and community will bring together voices, personal stories, and opinions that speak to the challenges and joys, the complexities, and the intimate politics of “women’s work” in America—the care and domestic labor that makes societies, neighborhoods, families, and households function and thrive.

The Who Cares Project embraces the double meaning of its title, asking:

  • Who gives care?
  • Who cares about those who give care?

Who cares about care?

We are seeking contributors! (Use the Contact page to get in touch.)

Perhaps you’re:

  • a homecare worker struggling to earn an income 
  • a family caregiver tending to your elderly mother
  • a nanny who is also an immigrant
  • a working mother struggling to “balance” work and family
  • a stay-at-home mom juggling a million tasks
  • a housekeeper who cleans and maintains a household
  • a nurse who works long shifts, struggling to meet patients’ needs
  • a stay-at-home dad defying the stigma around “women’s work”
  • a service worker caring for customers

Care labor–paid and unpaid–is everywhere; it is essential; and everywhere it is devalued. Some people’s care is more valued than others’.

This project seeks to raise voices, create community, empower women and caring men, and advance a caring, just society.